Rentbibia is a rental community of Rental businesses or individuals (Renters) and their customers (Rentees). As a community, we seek to help improve the lives of our members. We help Rental business grow its customer base by providing Rentees (customers) for their rental items/ services.

While we help the Rentees find all their rental needs in one place at very competitive prices.

So, whether you are looking to make quick cash off your item or own a rental business, we are here for You.

How it Works (Renters)

  1. Create a Free account (Yes Joining Us is Free) by Visiting or click the link
  2. Fill the form
  3. Our agent will contact you to create a catalogue of your rental items/services.

And that is all it takes to become a Rentbibia Renter and be part of our community to start earning! Do you have any idle item, or want to take your rental business to the next stage? Hurry and join us!  

If growing your business and earning more isn’t enough reason to join us, here are just a few reasons why you should join our community; 

  • We are a community – Rentbibia is unlike any business. While most businesses focus on money, we don’t. We put you first because we are a community. We believe that every business on our platform has the potential for growth. And we are only as strong as our weakest members. So, we support our own! As a community, we do not just help you rent items but we try to support every business’s growth by helping as and when needed and this is at the CORE of who we are. Not only that, but we draw from the experiences and expertise of our wide community base to help you operate better.

When you join Rentbibia, you are not just joining a business but a family, a community. And we look out for our own.

  • We compliment your business – we know you have the products. Allow us to market it for you. After registration (Visit or click the link to register now! we create a catalogue of your products and post these products across our website and socials. This gives your business a free advertisement avenue. And since we are a community of different rental business, you are guaranteed to attract a wide range of prospective Rentees (customers).

Relax, let’s get you popular.

  • Security & Safety– we know you have to keep your items and services in good condition to keep running. And that is why our rental process seeks to make sure that every item rented through us is kept in the best condition possible throughout the rental tenure. Security is our middle name because it is found at the centre of all we do. As a community, we also provide security (maintenance, insurance, training, legal & financial advice etc.) through our trusted third parties registered on our platform.

We are the full package!

  • Value-based Service – we are committed to building a strong community of value and the best business ethics. And as such, we have taken the lead. We have made our processes as transparent and accountable as possible. We ensure the safety of our members by taking all the necessary steps. Our process has been designed to ensure reliability, efficiency and effectiveness. We leave nothing to chance.  

We give you the very best of us always!

  • Flexible and Affordable Rates – by now you are wondering, with all these great services, what’s in it for them. Well as we said, we are a family. So, what are families for! At Rentbibia, we offer most of our services for free. We are here and ready to help. Our focus is to keep you happy because if you are happy, we are happy! To help us keep running and improving on our services we only take a small service fee after a rental service is confirmed. And do not worry, these rates are very flexible and negotiable.

You see, we are basically free!

  • Unsubscribe – well we know this can never happen because no one leaves paradise. But if you want to, you can leave just as easily as you came. But no one leaves their family especially this one. 

Once you are in, you wouldn’t want to leave. 

For more information 

Call/WhatsApp – +233 59 151 2001

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